Regan Nishikawa


KTS Inc. is a small promotional product company. As the production designer, my main job is to make sure all information is accurate before a job is sent to production. This ensures that the size, color and placement of the logo on the product is exactly what the client has asked for. 

In addition to the production side, I have also been able to create a vast array of posters for advertising. I'm always trying to find ways of incorporating both my design and photography together. For these posters, all the images were shot by me. 

Similarly, I did a complete renovation of KTS' catalog, which I also reshot all their products for. To see the catalog, scroll down just a bit more. 


For two years I worked at Oregon State University's Student Health Center. There, along side my co-designer Sarah, we created and designed a vast array of promotional materials for the workers in the center. This included posters, flyers, vinyl banners, buttons, stickers, pamphlets, LCD screens and more. 

As a photographer and designer, this is where I was allowed to really explore how the two interact, and I would say the majority of the work I made played off of images that I shot myself. 

Ridge Rider was a theoretical phone application designed as a statistic and social media for snowboarders and skiers. With three other designers, we collaborated in collecting data based on surveys, user testings, and research to filter out the best elements necessary to our end goal. 

A brief overview of a few of the parts we included were:

  • The ability to track your time.
  • Tracking your speed.
  • Having personal stats and goals.
  • Connecting with other snowboarders and skiers.
  • Current weather and resort status. 

There are plenty of applications in existence that do one or two of these components together, however, our goal was to create one complete piece that had everything in one place. It eliminates the need to have multiple applications for different reasons and keeps everything concise.  

Collaborators: Melissa Blanchard, Kimmy Hescock, Morgan Hostetler

Create Change was a theoretical campaign designed to bring awareness to how those in the LGBTQ spectrum are treated. Utilizing the experiences of the community I created a short film as the main focus.

To add substance I designed reminder cards that displayed the campaigns main objective "create change", because it's up to us as a people to make a difference.

The final piece was a simple designed website where the short film could exist on its own. The end goal was to highlight an extreme some people go through and how the smallest action can have the biggest impact.